Friday, 4 May 2012

Strange things!

Another dull and dreary day for us and not a lot doing either. I have harvested some more rhubarb and froze it for use later. I spent an hour pricking out and potting up some flowers and re-potted a couple of tomatoes. Talking of tomatoes take a look at this

My friend grew these last year, they are she thinks Shirley Hybrid tomatoes. Three seeds were planted all at the same time and were all looked after the same and yet only one of the plants produced this strange looking tomato. She said they were the best tasting tomatoes she had ever had, and you know you can't beat the aroma or taste of a home grown tomato!

The girls have been rather quite since they had their big bowl of scraps this morning, I went out earlier and now know why they have been so quiet, yes you have guessed it another great big hole! Matilda has been busy hopping up and down catching flies and Octavia has dug the hole because she is absolutely filthy! She is like a naughty mischievous child.

And finally..... I have to go back out and wrap everything up against the expected frost tonight. I hope you all have an enjoyable weekend x

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  1. Those chickens certainly keep you busy filling in holes. I shall be making sure that everything's protected from the frost which is forecast.


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