Monday, 11 June 2012

Unsolved mystery...

What ever it was that has disturbed the girls the other night has gone. Last night all was back to normal Matilda was snug in the nesting box and the other three were in their usual positions. Another great mystery goes unsolved!

The potatoes were blooming lovely, even if I do say so myself, actually everyone said how tasty they were. We are going to enjoy the rest today as I find they don't keep well. I love it when you go into the garden and dig them up for dinner that day. The broad beans was very nice too.It felt good to give my Garden Trug an outing!

The rain has come back and the girls are looking rather miserable and a bit wet. Octavia is doing her standing on one leg trick, it looks so funny she looks like she is going to sleep. Can you imagine standing on one leg and sleeping!

I was talking about compost the other day and how I have gone back to my original seed compost. Since I have changed back everything I have sown has germinated. So to conclude in must have been the compost that caused the lack of seed germination. I will be sure to stick to the same seed compost in future to avoid the nightmare I have had this year.

I have been busy updating my Gardening gifts for her webpage adding some new products. It's great as I can search for all the things that I would like to receive. I have also been shredding all the junk mail for nesting material for the girls a great way to recycle all the rubbish that comes through the door and great for the compost too.

Time to run round with the hoover before everyone is home again, so until next time bye for now x

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  1. What a mystery, I wonder what had disturbed them. There's nothing quite like the first home grown potatoes of the year, I look forward to it every year and I'm never disappointed.


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