Sunday, 24 June 2012

An Odd Egg!

Jay was given a tray of fresh chicken eggs yesterday and this particular one looks rather odd. Most of the ones we have used had double yokes and they were huge! I'm not sure why some eggs are like this we have had a few but nothing as remarkable as this one. I have had a quick browse on the internet but could not find anything about it. When I have a bit more time I will investigate why perhaps they lay eggs like this.

I did not show the eggs to the girls just in case they felt offended and inadequate once they saw the large supply of the big eggs and refuse to lay any of their own in protest! Not that they are laying much lately anyway, we did have another two eggs today.

I have not done much in the garden the ground is so wet, we had a short torrential down pour that came from nowhere and only lasted for about ten to fifteen minutes. I cut off all the seed heads that had appeared on the spring sown onions.

cut and come again mixed salad leaves

With all this rain things are growing quite well, however we do really need some sun to ripen the strawberries

Can't wait for these to ripen 

As you can see they are getting bigger but not ripening at all. The peas have started to flower so it will not be much longer before we will be having some of them.

mmm peas fresh from the pod 

The flowerbed in the front is really growing with all the rain, they have doubled in their size in just over a week.

I gave all the potato bags a good watering earlier, we did not have any for lunch today. Jay was in charge of Sunday lunch today and he decided he wanted to do gratin potatoes which you can use any old potato for so I am saving them for later in the week. 

I made a no bake chocolate cheesecake with baileys yesterday. It is the latest recipe for my online cooking class. Luckily I managed to get a photo of it before it was attacked by the family. To obtain the recipe click on the link on the recipe page where you will be able to print off the recipe and see how it is made. I have not had my piece yet however it is calling me from the fridge!

Well that is it from me for another day, I hope you all had a fantastic weekend. Until next time x


  1. What a funny egg, I wonder what caused that. I've had the first few strawberries this weekend with plenty more to come, delicious they were too. Hubby emptied out another potato container last night, so it's new potatoes with roast beef for our tea tonight. I must remember to grab a handful of mint to cook them with. The cheesecake looks delicious, it's not something I've ever made before.

    1. Hi Jo, apparently it is something to do with it coming down the tract, if it moves slowly or stop extra calcium is added which will do this.

      Glad to hear you have had some strawberries can't wait for mine.

      The cheesecake is real easy to make, it does not last long in our house!


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