Saturday, 28 July 2012

The big day has arrived!

It has been an extremely busy week. However not much gardening has been done except some harvesting of potatoes, peas and my first ever carrots! And they were rather tasty too. The green beans will be soon ready for picking and the tomatoes are beginning to swell.

I had an escapee this morning. Dory had somehow managed to get through the run and found herself amongst my prized vegetables! I went to give them their scraps and I noticed that Dory was the wrong side of the fence! She had been busy digging amongst the green beans and peas, managing to break four green bean plants in the process. As you can imagine I was not best pleased and trying to catch her was a feat! 

It is now 4am and in less than six hours I shall be setting up my first craft stall. I have been busy getting everything ready and I am finally as ready as I will ever be. I am a bit nervous but hopefully all will be well.

For those of you that live locally the craft fair is at The scout hut in 12 Acre close, off Bell Lane in Kesgrave and it is on between 11am to 4pm.

Well that is it from me for now. I am off to try and get some sleep. I will post later on today to tell you all about my day x

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