Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Latest update on Clyde

I just thought I would give you an update on Clyde. We went back to the vets today and his temperature has come down. They seem to think he has some gastric infection. He had another two jabs today and has to have a Gaviscon type liquid before he eats and he is also on antibiotics.

He seems a lot perkier today, his eyes are bright and his tail is waging once again. He has his appetite back but he is only allowed two spoons of food like rice or scrambled eggs about five times a day. We have to go back to the vets again on Friday for another check up.

No gardening again today as such, I just watered all the pots and containers. We have had plenty of rain so everything is growing quite well. We even had hail earlier and the girls were running around in the run trying to eat it! It was quite amusing to see. We had the one solitary egg today, hopefully we will have more tomorrow. 

Yesterday when I emptied out one of the potato bags I poured the soil out into a heap and when the girls were out for their rampage around the garden they had great delight scratching about and putting the soil everywhere. However Matilda still insisted on hopping onto the raised bed for further digging!

Well that is it from me for today. Until next time x


  1. Get well soon, Clyde. Hope he's much better for your vet visit tomorrow.

    1. Hi Jo, He is much better today. We have been out for a walk and he is now snoozing. He is eating everything he is given and is being a good boy taking his medicine and tablets.


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