Friday, 20 July 2012

Bring me sunshine.....

I really need to plan my day in a different order. Yesterday I had done the house chores and some work on the computer and was just about to pull on my boots and the heavens opened! So the only gardening that I done was to water the greenhouse.

Today is not a good day weather wise either, it looks like it is going to rain at any moment but so far it hasn't. I have had an hour or so out in the garden. The soil is sodden and I don't really want to tramp all over it whilst weeding and a hoe is no good with the soil being so wet. I have weeded the path that runs along the edge of the veg plot and pulled the ones within reach, however there is still a lot that still needs doing.

Warm dry weather has been forecast so fingers crossed it will be then I can get the rest of the weeding done.   I have picked some peas for dinner, the pods are nice and fat. There is still plenty out there just waiting to fill out.

I have cleaned out the girls coop whilst they had a run around the garden, well actually stayed under my feet! They know once they come out that they get meal worms when it is time to go back in. So now they just stay on my heels the whole time.

I wanted to go and pick the peas, I picked up the small bucket to collect them in and started to walk down the garden and all of a sudden I heard this pattering clamour of feet. I turned round and there they all were, heading for me at quite a speed. So I had to go back otherwise they would devour what is left of the cabbages on the vegetable plot.

The cabbages are riddled with holes, I had an inspection and could see tiny caterpillars munching away. I have sprayed them with my rhubarb solution and hopefully it will start to work.

I have been busy with my crochet hook and yet still have plenty to get done before next Sunday.

This is just a small selection of what I have been working on. At the moment I am making a bumblebee hat.

Well that is it from me for another day, the dogs are waiting to go for a walk. Until next time x

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