Sunday, 15 July 2012

Finally a bit of sunshine!

It has been an awful week weather wise, however we woke up to a sunny day so we thought we would make the most off it and do a bootsale which we had been wanting to do for a while. It was a late riser bootsale which meant we did not have to be there until 10.30am for a 12 noon start. We made £60.00 and we were home again just after 2pm so not bad for just a few hours. And we have now got a bit more space in the garage!

I sold a few of my excess plants and got chatting to this lady and we were saying how awful the weather has been and how it is affecting our crops of vegetables. She also had very poor germination results too, which did make me feel a bit better about all my failures this year.

I had more courgettes than I could shake a stick at this time last year and we were eating runner beans. The only crops that seem to be doing well are potatoes. I had a wander around the garden earlier and the snails and slugs have been feasting on my greens. They are just full of holes. I checked them over and there is no evidence of any caterpillars.

The runner beans are nearing the top of the wigwams and the dwarf french green beans now have some flowers on. There are quite a few peas of which I have picked some to have with dinner today. With all the rain the lettuce had really grown so I cut some for the girls to enjoy rather than let it go to seed.

I have strung up the onions that were harvested a few weeks ago. Some which had gone to seed are in the vegetable basket to use up now as they will not store. I have hung the onions in the garage. It is not a large string but more than last year. The onions that are still in the ground have started to seed too. I have been chopping the seed heads off but there is just no stopping them. However many are a decent size and we do get through lots of onions so they will not go to waste.

The strawberries are starting to rot before going red so the girls are getting more than we are. The tomato plants in the greenhouse are huge and have plenty of flowers on them. The ones that I have grown outside are no where near as big but they do have some flowers on them. One pepper plant has a couple of flowers developing hopefully they will turn into fruit and not just drop off.

There are still no flowers on the courgettes or melon plants as yet but they are growing strong so I might get lucky and have them produce something. The rhubarb plant is one again huge but it is now too late to take any more off so I will just leave it to die down then move it to the vegetable plot out of the way of the girls.

The girls have enjoyed a banquet today, they had a bowl of kitchen scraps earlier a load of fresh lettuce and a handful of strawberries. They all seem quite content and as I write are enjoying the late afternoon sunshine whilst having a good preen. We have had eight eggs over the weekend which is the first for a while.

I have made a couple more hats one is a panda and I'm not sure what I am going to do on the other one yet. I might have my first craft stall in a couple of weeks. I am just waiting for someone to get back to me as to whether there is a space available. I will keep you posted. My apologies for there being no photos as once again my battery has ran out of charge. I think maybe there is something wrong with it as it just does not seem to hold a charge. I will put some on for you next time.

Well that is it from me for another day. I hope you have all had a great weekend. Until next time x

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