Friday, 21 September 2012

94 days til Christmas!

Everywhere you look the fast impending expensive season is approaching. However it does not have to be expensive with lots of money spent to still be enjoyable. I have been busy reading lots of new blogs over the past few months and one of my favourites is My beautiful life by foster mummy Over the past few weeks foster mummy has been blogging useful ideas for a frugal Christmas and how being prepared can help you save money and time and to enjoy the preparation for the festive season with much less stress!

I will be following and implementing some of foster mummy's ideas for my families Christmas and I just wanted to say a big thank you to foster mummy for sharing these great ideas. To view Foster mummy's blog click on the following link. My Beautiful Life

Talking of Christmas I have been busy booking craft fairs yesterday. I have one this Sunday and I now have thirteen dates booked up to Christmas. My crochet hook will be hot hot hot!

I had another tray of red tomatoes which have already been turned into sauce this week. The final tray is almost red too. I'm glad I managed to keep the tomatoes this year and bringing them in I am sure was the best idea.

One of my butter nut squashes, it is about 3 inches long and so far I have counted about nine on the one plant, surely I will get one to ripen!

The girls are not their usual selves, we are only having one egg a day and there seems to be plenty of squabbling going on in the run. Dory and Bell had a little set too yesterday and Octavia kindly intervened and  stood in between the pair of squabblers, as always very amusing to watch. The weather has turned rather chilly so that may have something to do with the girls being unsettled. 

Well that is it for now, I hope you all have a great weekend. Until next time x


  1. You must take a photo of your craft stall and show us, I hope you do well. I've finally given in and brought my tomatoes indoors to ripen, I just hope they don't all stay green, I'm not a lover of chutney. I bet it's the cold weather which is putting the girls off laying, it's certainly unsettling me, it's so cold of an evening now.

    1. Hi Jo, Thanks, I will try and remember my camera tomorrow!

      Mine all turned on the windowsill so I'm sure yours will too. If you don't like chutney make them into a sauce/purée to add to spag bol ect, just add garlic and herbs and cook them til soft and put them through the whizzer and freeze.

      Even if they are still green you get that lovely tomato taste.

  2. Eeek! The 'C' word! ;) Good link though, thanks!

    1. My Apologies Mo, this year has gone by so quick it does not seem 5 minutes since we packed the tree ect away last year.

      However I felt that foster mummy's posts were too good not to share.


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