Monday, 24 September 2012

Wet & Miserable Monday

Well what a miserable start to the week. It has been raining all day and has been rather chilly and very dull. The poor girls look like drowned rats and have spent most of the day sitting under the coop looking very forlorn. It has finally stopped but how long for is anybodies guess. The girls have come out for a little wander and a preen.

Even the dogs have looked rather peeved today, I am taking them for a walk in a minute. Boots hat, gloves and scarf all out and ready.  Winter seems to have arrived a little early, but then what else should we expect with the topsy turvy seasons we have had so far this year.

I have spent quite a large part of my day trying to mend the washing machine, I finally accomplished this after giving it a thump, kick and a few choice words.

The craft fair was not a big success but then it was raining most of the day, I would of stayed indoors too by the fire watching TV! I have my next one this coming Saturday. It is in Felixstowe at Charlie Mannings and is on from 10am til 4pm for any local readers.

Jo I did take my camera but being the dope that I am I had left the battery in the charger! I will take some this week for you to see.

The bread maker is busy whirring away, we are having Moroccan Meatballs for dinner tonight, perfect for a chilly evening and some tasty warm home made crusty bread.

Well that is it from me for today, the dogs are raring to go. Until next time x

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  1. I think success at craft fairs will be reliant up on the weather. Hope you have better luck this weekend.


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