Thursday, 27 September 2012

Mud and feathered

Like the rest of the UK we have had our share of the rain, thankfully we have not had the floods that some parts of the country have had. I have been watching the news and it looks awful, and even more rain has been forecast, who has the plans for building an ark?

AS you can probably imagine the run has turned into the swampy mess again that it was earlier on in the year. Upon entering the run you risk life and limb, slipping everywhere whilst trying not to stand on the girls who are flying up at you after the goodies you may or may not be bringing!

Yesterday they looked a right mucky crew, they were soaking wet and covered in mud. Bell and Dory are malting also so there are feathers everywhere. We had a small break in the rain yesterday do I popped on my wellies and coat so I could clean out the coop and change all the bedding and I let the girls had a roam around the garden for a bit.

The only good thing about this rain is that my pumpkins and squash are swelling up nicely.

The sun is now shining and it is looking rather pleasant outside, the dogs need a walk so I am going to make the most of this break in the rain. Bye for now, until next time x

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