Saturday, 27 April 2013

Green things are coming!

I hope your all having a splendid weekend even though the weather here has been somewhat topsy turvy this week. Early on we had beautiful sunshine, yesterday hail stones and today it has been quite chilly, and wet. Hopefully it will settle down to wall to wall sunshine, I can dream at least...

Right on to something green, I had a peek in the greenhouse this morning before cleaning out the girls and low and behold there was little green sprigs just peeking over the top of the toilet rolls, yes some of the leeks have germinated and so has the carrots I sowed in the little trough. A jig was danced to thank mother nature for being so kind.

On the vegetable patch the rhubarb is bounding along, looks like we may have another bountiful harvest and at least the girls will not be able to attack it this year. Also the peas are poking through, the little bit of heat we had sure has helped just need some more of it now please.
(Sorry there are no photos I left the camera at the shop.)

Until next time x


  1. My 'green things' are coming too. Hurray!
    Love from Mum

    1. Let's hope for a bountiful harvest this year x


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