Sunday, 7 April 2013

Spa bath for Matilda

The weather has finally taken a turn towards spring like weather and lets hope it is here to stay and then to turn into a beautiful summer.

Another hectic week has yet again zoomed by and we have somersaulted through the weekend! We were up at a silly hour for a Sunday and we zipped off to the boot-sale at Ardliegh and then we travelled on to West Bergholt, Jason doing the driving and I enjoying the lovely scenery which was more enjoyable than of late because of the glorious sunshine.

We enjoyed Sunday lunch at the Old Times Guest House and wonderful it was too especially as I had a cheeky glass of wine to wash it down.

We came home and Matilda was hunched up near the gate of the run again. She has not been right the past couple of days, I think she may be egg bound again.  Her vent is not very clean so I thought I would give her a bath so I can see what is going on. Yes it is much easier said than done!

We don't have a bath just showers so the only thing I can actually bath her in is my old foot-spa, the perfect size for the job. I had let the girls out and they were all rolling about in the dirt and Matilda was hiding behind a big flower pot and she was easy to catch as she had no where to run.

I had already got the bath ready and had on my rubber gloves and the old towel was laid out on the floor all ready for operation bathing chicken. I gently put her in the foot-spa and she didn't make much fuss and was quite content to sit in there making little clucky noises until the dogs started barking as someone was at the door!

We had flapping and splashing and water all over the floor, I managed to clamp down her wings again and sit her down in the foot-spa. After about 15-20 minutes I wrapped her in a towel and sat there cuddling her. no I am not completely mad, it's what chicken mums do...

Once she was dry I popped her back in the run along with some corn soaked in olive oil in hope that it helps to pass the egg if that is the problem. I did have a look but it is not easy when she is flapping and squawking like a goodun. She is sitting huddled up in the corner, whether she is going to make it through this time I'm not sure but fingers crossed.

So that was my weekend along with wading through piles of washing. I hope you have had a wonderful weekend and have managed to get out and do some gardening. I think I am going to have to rope my dad in to give me a hand this year. Until next time x

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