Thursday, 4 April 2013

Wind in the Wigglywoo's!

Well what a week it has been so far, what with a bank holiday thrown in I have lost all track of time and days. We have had more snow flurries and hopefully today's will be the last of them until next winter. Dare we hope that we are on the cusp of spring?

It has been quite windy too hence the title of this post and this wind has caused havoc in the hen house! The wind has been rocking the fence from which part of the run is attached. When the wind blows the whole run rocks along with the fence which in turn jiggles out the latches and then we have the hens on the loose!

This has happened on a couple of occasions but I have never witnessed this and the hens escape. However yesterday I saw it all! I was just about to leave for work when out of the corner of my eye I saw the girls creeping...

Yes creeping across the patio to the nice soil they love to flap in. You may well ask how do I know they were creeping well I know they were as usually when I let them out they hop, fly, flap and make a right racket as they make their way across the patio and there was none of this going on so they were most certainly creeping!

Getting them back into the run was another matter, I tried the corn but they were not having any of that. I had to resort to the broom. They don't like the broom I use it to round them up and steer them  to where I want them to go which is usually back into the run. Matilda is always the hardest one to get back in as she runs round like as they say a headless chicken!

Once I managed to get them all back in I got some string and tied the gate to the run so hopefully no more escaping chickens.

It has been quite eerie walking through the woods this week as the trees stir and swirl way up high and all you can hear is the creaking and squeaking of the branches in the wind. We met Max the Doberman on the walk again yesterday. I don't think I have mentioned Max to you before. He is a sleek looking dog and wears a fluorescent coat, he looks a bit like a security guard as he is coming towards us he will suddenly sit down looking very authoritative.

Well yesterday Max the Doberman decided he was going to get amorous with my Max. Max's owner was not impressed and was calling him and trying to get him off. I continued to walk past hoping that my Max and Clyde would follow. I turned round and saw Clyde in the distance looking rather meek and was shaking in his boots (if he wore any) praying that he was not next. Clyde is not a fan of Max the security guard and will always give him a wide birth when we meet. Finally Clyde came flying through the furore and my Max was finally released from the clamp like paws of the security guard.

Oh if only they could talk!

Well as you can imagine not a lot has gone on in the gardening department with this bloody awful weather, but I did take a sneaky peak at the rhubarb and there a three little pink buds waiting to burst forth. The weather is supposed to turn this weekend, for the better hopefully and I may finally get my digging gear out! Until next time x

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