Sunday, 14 April 2013

Gardening 2013 is on!

Hurray hurrah we finally get the vegetable garden of 2013 going! It's been a very long wait but I'm sure it will all be worth it.

We started the morning off at the Waterfront cafe and enjoyed a hearty full English which set us up for the day ahead. We had a quick stroll around the bootsale and then came home and I got my gardening gear on.

I uncovered the soil and there were still some big bits from the compost bin that needed breaking down still and the good thing was there were no weeds! 

Adam got out the rotorvator and turned all the soil. The compost has really improved the soil again, every year it gets better. When I first started the vegetable plot the soil was sandy and had nothing to it as such. Now it is rich, dark and oh so lovely!

I removed some of the big bits and lobbed them back in the compost bin and raked over the soil. I had misplaced the plan I wrote out last winter so I had to sit down and quickly do a rough one again. I could remember where what was planted last year so I did not plant the same things there again.

The prepared vegetable plot

So today I sowed Red salad onions at the far end. Top far left is where the rhubarb is planted and is looking lush and pink. (Sorry forgot to take a photo) I then sowed a couple of rows of spring onions.

Next I have the roots section. Sowed today were parsnips, swede and carrots. I also want to grow celeriac but this has to be sown indoors first. I am hoping to get some seed sowing done this week.

At the greenhouse end of the plot I planted out the eight broad bean plants that had germinated and I sowed four rows of peas and then a row of leeks.

Broad beans & Peas

Twelve potato bags have been planted up with (I think) Pentland Javelin as usual I have forgotten. I still have a batch of king Edwards that have been chitted but I am not sure where to put them so they are still waiting in the summerhouse.

The girls have had the most enjoyable day out and about in the garden. They all had their customary dirt bath, have turfed the soil all over the patio from out of the waiting flower pots and containers. Scattered all the stones over the path and have made a right mess!

As you can see Matilda is back to her normal healthy self

So that is the vegetable garden of 2013 started, lets hope that we have a better growing year this year than last. I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend. Until next time x


  1. I think the better weather has spurred us all in to action with jobs which have been on hold. Let's hope the better weather is here to stay now.

  2. Hi Jo, I think so, however after I wrote this post I was not feeling too good and came down with an awful head cold, all shivery and sweaty at same time. Feeling much better today though thankfully.

    I am hoping to get out later this afternoon and do the much needed seed sowing!

  3. A better growing year is the wish echoed by all gardeners!


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