Friday, 5 April 2013

It's a dogs life

Well we had a bright and sunny afternoon, but at 7 am this morning it was rather chilly out on the heath with the dogs. We did not meet Max the security guard today but we did meet the Lola the luscious Labrador!

She is a bit grey around the muzzle and carrying a few extra pounds but hey she is still pulling the boys! Clyde was beside himself with excitement a new bird on the block with whom he could show off his amorous charms.  As you know Clyde is no dainty dog more like a raging bull and a clumsy one at that. He went hurtling towards Lola almost knocking her owner over who incidentally  had on this most godawful floppy hat that made her head look twice the size it actually was. Why do we dog walkers wear the most stupid hats? I know it's to keep our heads warm but we could be shot by the fashion police!

Anyway back on track, Clyde gets awfully excited and makes this grunting, snuffling, whining sound as he either chases a dog or is being chased it actually sounds like he is in pain but I'm sure it is pure unadulterated joy. So Clyde done his chasing and his grunting and groaning, a bit like a mating dance I presume and then he promptly mounted the luscious Lola only to be immediately reprimanded by Lola's floppy hatted  owner who's hat was sliding down over her eyes whilst I man handled Clyde off trying not to giggle at the hat thing that was going on. Not an easy feat I can assure you 48 kilos of pure muscle wanting to go one way and me trying to pull him the other whilst trying to keep a straight face and all this before 8 am!

Bless him!
Well we finally our walk without any more incidents. Once home I had a lovely hot bowl of porridge washed down with a rather strong coffee. Until next time x

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  1. Clyde looks as dosile as my Bonio!! Gorgeous!!


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