Tuesday, 27 May 2014

We have lift off!

So much has happened this past month it has skedaddled by! The post below was written almost a month ago but I forgot to post it so I am posting it now whilst I type up what has been happening since...

April 30th
I know it's been a while but I am finally getting into the swing of things in the garden. Dad has been tidying up the garden so it all looks so much nicer again.

The seeds that I had sown about a month back are sprouting about nicely. The broad beans that I had sown directly in the ground are just now poking through.

The strawberry plants are heavy with lots of flowers! I have never had them like this before I usually loose the plants or they don't come to anything however last year I just left them to their own devices and look how wonderful they have come on. 

I am off to sunnier climes for some much needed R&R so dad has been left in charge of the garden whilst I am away. I will be back with all the latest garden news again in a couple of weeks and hopefully some more lovely photos! 

Wishing you all a great bank holiday weekend.

Until Next time

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