Monday, 10 June 2013

A Flying visit....

Hey ho one and all I am still about albeit just a quick post. What wonderful weather we have been having however it is soon to be over. Come tomorrow the rain is on it's way again, my butts are empty so need a refill.

Nothing went to plan last week so very little gardening got done. I did manage to get out into the front garden yesterday and tackled the weeds that had squatted in the flower beds. There were also lots of new plants that had grown due to the self seeding flowers that I had sown last year. Looking forward to some sort of floral display.

The hens have been up to their usual mischief, I let them out yesterday whilst I tended the front garden and two hours later they had emptied out the soil from the planter by the back door!
Octavia & Bell on the scrounge for some corn

Lots of changes are taking place down at Wigglywoo's Craft Emporium the kitchen is going in this week ready to serve tea and cake!

I hope you are all enjoy spending some time out in your gardens, I have decided to make no plans but rather be more spontaneous! Until next time x

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