Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Running out of time...

I am well and truly behind on the seed sowing and have empty pots standing where full ones should be. The large raised bed remains empty and forlorn but the girls are enjoying having a rummage in the soil where as it usually has canes and netting over to keep them out.

So far what has been sown appears to be doing quite well

The potatoes in their bags

The first strawberries are forming

When I get in from work tomorrow I am hoping to get the front garden weeded (it looks awful!) and sow some seeds. I am not sure what yet but will rummage in the seed box to see what can be sown now.

The girls have been enjoying their freedom today, dust bathing and digging and scrubbing around for grubs. When they have had enough they all come to the back door and Bell and Dory will often come into the kitchen looking for their seed box which is on the shelf just inside the back door and stand there and peck it.

waiting at the door
The sun has been shinning the past few days and the warmth has been most welcome. I just hope it is here to stay for a few more weeks.

Well that is it from me for now, I hope you have all been enjoying your gardens, until next time x

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