Monday, 27 May 2013

Flexing my green fingers!

What a wonderful weekend of sunshine we have enjoyed but as usual it is short lived back to heavy rainfall across the UK again from tonight.

But today I managed a few hours in the garden. Ben was a great help out in the garden today, he cleaned out the girls for me, cleaned out the guttering on the summerhouse, watered all the potato bags and swept all the paths after the girls rampage so a big thank you Ben x

I weeded the vegetable plot, sowed some fennel and celeriac. I planted out some leeks and I sorted out the stakes for the peas. So that was my gardening of the weekend. 
Onions & swede

Broad beans & peas
The photos are not the best but you can see how much things have grown since last time.

I hope you have all enjoyed the sunshine, until next time x

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