Monday, 13 May 2013

Feeling the chill...

A big hello to you all, I am presently sitting here with a big cardigan on and a pair of socks as well as other clothes of course but I am feeling rather chilly even though the weather has warmed up considerably but unfortunately not the soaring heat that we experienced the past two weeks in Egypt.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that things had started to grow in the garden. The broad beans are starting to flower, though they are not very tall, unlike next doors who's beans are twice the size but they did sow them in November so they had a head start on me. 

The peas are coming along nicely as are the red onion sets. The swede has also made an appearance as have some leeks and an abundance of weeds! The potatoes have also shown their green leaves and I managed to add some more soil to the potato bags yesterday. 

I managed a couple of hours in the garden yesterday and as well as filling up the potato grow bags I also weeded the strawberry bed with the very sparse four strawberry plants! I will be calling at the garden centre at some point this week to get some more.

The girls survived without  me looking after them, and the boys between them done a splendid job of looking after the hens, dogs and the house. I scrubbed out the hen house yesterday whilst the girls enjoyed their freedom and continue to make the usual mess about the garden, it took me a good half an hour to sweep all the paths and patio up once they had gone back in the run.

The gardens at the hotel we stayed in were fantastic and so well kept. They have the lushest green grass, it is like walking on air. They make good use of the grey water and it is used to water all the gardens. There were an army of gardeners who looked after and tended to the gardens and a superb job they done too. Below you can see some of the wonderful work that the gardeners do. 

It really made me smile seeing these

Walking on air

An oddity amongst the flower borders, A tomato plant!

The garden is looking a bit forlorn and could really do with some TLC hopefully the weather will be good on Sunday and with all hands on deck we should get the job done. I am hoping to get some seeds sown later this week and also get the strawberry bed filled up.  I hope you are all well and enjoying your time in the garden. Until next time x

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