Thursday, 16 May 2013

Quick half hour

I am still feeling the cold, going from 40 degrees to just 13 during the day and 3 degrees at night is certainly taking it's toll, a sniffly nose and cold feet!

I popped into the local B & Q store on my way home tonight and grabbed six strawberry plants, paint, wall paper and other bits and bobs and trundled home.

I am pretty knackered and didn't feel much like going out in to the cold again to potter about the garden, but needs must the girls house needed cleaning and as I had bought the plants I had better get them in.

The girls were pleased to be let out, as usual heads down and arse up and the stones and soil were flying everywhere! Another job for me to do but on the upside 3 large eggs were waiting in the nesting box.

Once I had cleaned out the hen house I planted out the strawberry plants

I managed to take this one photo and as usual the battery ran out, I think it is time to look into getting either a new battery or camera. A few hints might be needed it is my birthday soon... nudge nudge wink wink household.

I now have ten plants in this bed and today I found another strawberry plant that I had forgotten about in a pot which I have  left it in the pot. 

I wanted to take a picture of the blueberry's I think I may actually get a crop from them this year as they have lots of new growth and it all looks pretty promising. 

The cut and come again salad leaves that are sitting on the windowsill had grown very well and they girls enjoyed them tonight as they needed to be cut and it is too damn cold for salad!

The herbs look a bit poorly as I think the boys forgot to water them, I have tried to rescue them and they appear to be battling through. I will take photo's later and post them tomorrow.

Well it is that time again, the glass of sherry has hit the spot time to do some crochet in front of the TV. Until next time x

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