Thursday, 4 July 2013

Here comes Summer!

Hello everyone, sorry for the silence. All is well in the Wigglywoo household, I have just been extremely busy. 

The tearoom is now up & running and the craft workshops and other events organised all starting as from next week.

The weather has been quite good of late with the odd rain which is great for the garden. It has been forecast that we will have scorching weather this coming weekend. 

The garden is growing well in spite of the little time I have spent on it. The chickens think they can just wander in and out of the house when they please, Bell is the bravest and comes right in. Max is not too impressed though.

I know I promised these to you a week or so ago but better late than never, here are a few photos of the growing vegetable garden of 2013

Potatoes in the sack almost ready!

The peas of which the pods are now beginning to swell



Hmmmm Strawberries!
We have had a few strawberries and I have another bowl sitting on the side for later. 

I pulled up the garlic and again it was very poor and quite small, I think I shall give up on trying to grow garlic.

I have just cleaned out the girls so they are enjoying a few hours of manic mayhem freedom! 

Thank you all for waiting patiently for me to get my act together. Have a great weekend, until next time x

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  1. Everything looks rosy in the garden. We've only had one strawberry from our plants as yet. It's been very hot here today.
    Love from Mum


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