Monday, 29 July 2013

R.I.P my big bird Matilda

Today Matilda took her last egg laying breath and now joins Perdy in the great big coop in the sky. She had become egg bound again but this time was to be her last.

It has been extremely warm these past few days with a little rainfall but not enough to make much difference to the ground. I had my first blueberry yesterday, it was quite nice not as juicy or blue as I thought it would be. The strawberries are coming to an end now, the peas have also done. The onions have bolted so at some point this week I shall be clearing the ground and putting on some compost and covering it for the winter as I will not be growing anything else until next spring.

A couple of weeks ago I had a lovely post written by Karen at Karen Louise Crafts all about Wigglywoo's Craft Emporium. Thanks Karen you are too kind x To read Karen's blog click on the link below

Well not a lot of news, I hope you are all enjoying the summer so far. Until next time x

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