Sunday, 27 October 2013

Still alive n kicking!!!

Hello one and all, is anyone there? I had slipped of the blogging planet but have managed to get a few minutes and get my head together to string a coherent, well almost sentence together!

It has been just over 6 months ago that I started on my new venture, and so much has been happening in those 6 months that I don't even know where to begin. However I don't want to bore you all to death either!

So I will try not to ramble on and just tell you the main things that have been going on. The shop has evolved considerably since I first opened, I have about 18 different crafter's that have their handmade items for sale in the shop as well as the furniture I do and my own makes. The tearoom is also up and running and we are also running craft workshops. Every Wednesday we have an open craft coffee morning, where all are welcome to pop along and bring whatever craft they are currently working on and we all craft together. It has been hard work to get the shop to where and how it is but it has been great fun too.

Now what else have I been up to...

Well not a lot really as the business and the family take up most of my time. The garden has been left to it's own devices and is now a sorry state. I did manage to get a couple of hours weeding in about 8 weeks ago but that was it. It is now overgrown once more, but I am determined to get it done and covered over before the end of November! I will probably have to do it by moonlight.

I am sad to say that I no longer have the girls, Bell, Dory and Octavia have gone to live on my Friend Terry's allotment with his girls and boys. I just did not have the time to give to them plus we had a major mice problem and I felt that by sending them to live on Terry's allotment was the best option for all concerned. I do really miss them, even the dogs look forlornly at the empty run, but I am glad that I did have a chance to be a hen keeper and experience the joy that they give. 

Jay is currently recovering from having his appendix removed last week, so it has been even more hectic than usual. I was supposed to be doing some cutting out tonight but thus far have just got that bag beside me with all the stuff in that I need. We are currently awaiting a storm/gale to hit, I put some stuff away earlier in the summerhouse, I just hope the tree doesn't come crashing down!

The photo is of a pretty little fungi that I saw when out walking the dogs early this morning,  a little bit of colour on a drab dark day. 

Well I will bid you a fond farewell, stay safe if the storm is heading your way. I hope you enjoyed reading and I will not leave it so long next time x

To see what the shop is like ect you can view photos on the Wigglywoo facebook page

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