Monday, 3 February 2014

Happy (belated) New Year 2014!

I know I know it's a bit late to be wishing you all a Happy New Year when we already have our feet firmly plonked in to February! But as they say better late than never.

I do apologise for the very long absence but as many of you may remember I started up a new business venture which took me up a new path and unfortunately not the garden one.

The business is going well, as with all new ventures there are ups as well as downs and it has been somewhat a bumpy ride with a wide arc of a learning curve too! You soon learn who are the friends and you know the other part of that saying!

The business has evolved and grown so much this past almost a year. Not only is there refurbished furniture we have workshops, craft groups and a selection of wonderful local crafter's who have their gifts and wares on sale. I have met so many wonderful creative people as well as having made many new friends.

There has also been several other changes in my little world, I am going to see a specialist surgeon regarding the problems and pain in my leg/hip on Wednesday, I saw the consultant last October and after X-rays they seem to be erring on a hip replacement so I shall find out this week what is actually going to be done and to be honest I am petrified! I am unable to walk any distance and can no longer walk the dogs which I really miss doing.

So as you can imagine with the above condition there is currently no hope of any gardening in the near future as bending and crouching is the most painful of all. When I look out into the garden and see how it is all so over grown it is heart breaking but I do have an action plan that I am hoping to discuss with a certain someone but can't say too much as yet just in case they read this first! However I will reveal all in due course.

I am debating on whether to start up a separate blog for the business or to combine it with this one. I want to let people know what I am working on and give tips ect and also keep people updated with what workshops craft sessions are coming up. So if anyone out there is still reading this blog your thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.

I will leave you with a link to the website so you can have a look at what I have been up to the past year.
I promise not to leave it so long next time x


  1. Welcome back. I can see you've been very busy and I'm sorry to hear about your 'bumpy pathway'. I'm sure your consultant will be able to re-assure you and give you plenty of information regarding the operation. Make sure you ask! Regarding a business blog, I think that would be a good idea, with a link from your website but also a link from this website.

    Best of luck for Wednesday.
    Love from Mum

    1. Thanks Mum, I appreciate you taking the time to reply and offer your advice, it is much appreciated. I have a list of questions all written out just in case I forget when I get there!


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