Wednesday, 26 February 2014

In need of a cup of tea!

Evening everyone, I hope you have all had a good day. 

I have just made myself a nice hot cuppa and eaten a granola bar that I found in the cupboard, not sure who's they are but it was very nice! 

I have been battling with technology the past few days and I am getting a right stressy bessy with it all! So I am going to post another set of questions from my new garden journal before turning everything off and try and switch off tonight and stare at the TV instead.

26) If you were to have a plant named after you or planted in your memory, what would it be and why?

27) What ideas do you have to encourage children to take an interest in gardening or growing plants?

28) What techniques would you recommend when it comes to planting seeds or cuttings

29) Weather has a big influence on our gardening success. What suggestions would you have on how to make the most of it?

30) There are many tales about techniques used to protect or remove pests and diseases from your plants. Which ones have you followed?

Think I need another cup of tea!

Here goes...
26) I would like to say something tall, willowy, and bright with a sweet scent but that is all the things I am not so it would be something short and stubby an ornamental cabbage perhaps 

27) There are so many, just the act of planting a seed and nurturing it and watching it grow teaches them about how caring for others, being responsible for something can be so rewarding. Gardening is all so wonderful and exciting.

28) Using toilet roll inners to sow peas and beans in so you don't disturb the roots you can plant the whole thing directly in the ground.

29) Plenty of water butts to collect all the rainwater, as even with all the rain we ave had there is always the possibility of a hosepipe ban!

30) I was told to steep rhubarb leaves in hot water and to leave it a couple of weeks and then bottle it up and use it to spray my brassiccas with to get rid of greenfly and caterpillars. 

Until next time x

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  1. Yum granola bars, I haven't had one of them in ages. Right sneaking in in case I forget later. 26) God knows, though I did read once of a farmer dying & a family member finding some old seeds in a draw & scattering them on the grave. When they returned several months later they found a large amount of celery growing. That sounds far more fun than a plant being named after you. 27) Just to join you out there & let them help, my youngest son would never eat veg but will quite happily graze his way across the veg garden, 28) Like you beans & sweet peas/corn get sown in toilet tubes, anything else chuck in & see, 29) Take a chance & sow, 30) Wow that's interesting about the rhubarb leaves I shall try that. However always net your brassicas securely as I learnt last year to my cost.


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