Sunday, 9 February 2014

Getting on with it

As usual I have been busy since we last spoke and have even managed to go swimming twice! As some of you may remember I gave up smoking in September 2012 and have now been smoke free since but the pounds have crept on along with my limited mobility they are not shifting neither!

So one of the things the surgeon said was the more weight I carry the more pain I can expect, which is quite obvious however when you can't walk, run or do much of any exercise as all movements use the hip joint and everything tells you that the less you do the better it is is just sending me round in circles and quite frustrating to say the least even swimming causes great pain as I found to my expense on holiday last year.

Jay being the ever so thoughtful and helpful husband that he is went searching on the internet and came up with this little gem!

This is a flotation aid that you place between your legs and keeps them afloat and you use only your arms to swim. This is what swimmers use that want to perfect their strokes and also to build and strengthen their core.

I have had this for about a month but have kept finding excuses not to go swimming as I was dreading using it and the thought of people looking and staring. Well Friday was D day Jay was taking no excuses, we were going swimming come hell or high water!

We went to one of our local swimming baths and it was not as bad as I was dreading, I managed to do 15 lengths and boy did my arms ache but my hip was okay. We went again this morning and I done 20 lengths so I am hoping to go 3 times a week and with healthy eating I will see the pounds slowly disappearing and also getting some form of exercise.

So as I said on the previous post I am thinking about the things I can do rather than the I cant's. With the help of my dad, Jay and the boys  we are going to get the vegetable patch up and running again, I can do the sowing in the greenhouse and watering and they will have to do the direct ground sowing weeding and harvesting as it is the crouching down that is so painful. So between us all we should manage to grow something!

Well I have some pin cushions to make and a garden planner to sort. I hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend. Until next time x

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