Sunday, 16 March 2014

Seed sorting

Well what a lovely week weather wise we have had. I haven't managed to get out into the garden unfortunately as I have been so busy with work. 

I have been rummaging in my seed box to see what I had and there was rather a lot! So I am currently trying to narrow it down to what will be manageable and I will be able to fit in. I shall list all that I am sowing once I have come to some sort of decision...

I haven't got any compost either so it will be a trip to the local garden centre tomorrow which is B&Q so I will probably come away with extras!

We have come to the end of the gardening journal quest and a big huge thanks goes to both Mum and Joanne for their tremendous support and help with joining in with the quest. Both are great bloggers of which I thoroughly enjoy reading though I don't often comment. If you click on their names above it will take you directly to their blogs so you to can go and enjoy a good read. 

Mum is doing several things at the moment including alphabet blogging, 52 projects and we also get to take a peek at her window sill once in a while! Joanne is currently Tree Following so I won't say any more you can pop over and find out for yourselves what it's all about.

Well I shall bid you a good evening and hopefully will catch up with you all before the end of another week. 
Until next time x

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