Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Let me out!!!

My goodness where has this past month gone? I think I blinked and missed it! 

I have been so busy with Wigglywoo's that I just can't seem to get nothing else done. Thankfully dad will be over next week to make a start on the garden. I haven't managed to get out there since I cleared the vegetable patch. 

The growing list for this year will be...
Potatoes not sure what variety yet
Broad bean 
French dwarf beans 
Runner beans  

These will be in the vegetable patch and the large raised bed and I shall grow runner beans in the large tubs. Cut & come again lettuce in troughs, tomatoes in tubs and a herb garden as we do use a lot of herbs. Oh and some carrots in the greenhouse in the hope of keeping that fly at bay. 

Well that is my plans anyway but once dad gets here it could all change especially once he spies all the seed packets, we could end up with a garden full of flowers!

We went to the ideal home exhibition last Saturday, it was a bit disappointing but we made the most of it. On Sunday we went to an antiques centre at a place called Battlesbridge which was on our way home and thoroughly enjoyed browsing amongst all the trinkets, a roast dinner at the local pub and then home and that was another weekend gone. 

Plans are afoot for Mother's day, I can hear the rumblings and whispers and  a shhhhhh...... A lazy day would be just fine and dandy but don't tell them I said that. 

Wishing all mums a very happy mothering Sunday
until next time x 

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