Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Another eventful week!

When will the tide turn I wonder. On Monday the tumble dryer broke, typical just as the winter is looming! It  still works but the door has to be wedged shut. I think the latch bit has snapped off somehow and a new one has been ordered, but in the meantime a skateboard and tins of beans are doing a fine job.

I went to empty out the washing machine earlier and the door would not open, I thought here we go again. When I hung out the towels earlier I thought they felt much wetter than they should so something is not right here either and the door light keeps coming on saying it is not shut properly. I put it on a quick wash and the door then opened once it had finished the cycle. Fingers crossed this is not going to pack up it is just over a year old as is the tumble dryer.

They say things comes in three's but they never do in our house it is always sixes and nines! The summerhouse roof has sprung a leak, Max threw up on the kitchen floor and Bell refused to go to bed and wanted to sit under the coop where it is very difficult to get hold of her. All the other girls were nice and snug in the coop which I had cleaned out today. The run is like a muddy swamp and it is raining again and I was not in the best of moods to be chicken chasing! I finally managed to get hold of her much to her discontent and squawking and shut the hatch up with them all looking through the little window at me.

Ben is still hopping around on his crutches, he is now back at school so we are having to do the school run every morning and afternoon. Hopefully it will only be for a few more weeks and I got the truck back today which will make life a bit easier.

I have been busy doing a bit of decorating this week another thing to cross off my long list and I have been trying to fill in the big huge holes that Jay left in my bedroom wall after putting up a TV bracket in Lloyd's bedroom next to ours. I have been gradually adding another layer of filler and I just need to add a little more and then that's another job done.

When Jay came home from kick boxing tonight he told me that he had been told we are going to have a very late Indian summer! I thought oh this could be good as my pumpkins and squashes might turn. I have been scouring the web and local news pages to see if I could find anything but I haven't. So I shall be keeping an eye out for this bit of nice weather and will keep you informed if it does appear.

Well that is it from me for another day, I hope you enjoyed reading. Until next time x

I forgot to add it is I think seven weeks since my last cigarette!

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