Friday, 19 October 2012

Talk of the town

This Indian summer we are expecting is the talk of the town! It has been on the local news, and whilst in the town today I overheard several times the mention of the impending Indian summer. Does this mean I will have to unpack my summer wear again and stuff the winter sweaters once more to the back of the wardrobe? Yet again more to add to our topsy turvy weather of this year.

It has been raining all day today, but it is not as cold as it has been. The strawberry plants had died but have gone on to grow some more new shoots and as for the rhubarb it is finally looking like it is dying but with this warm weather we are expecting is that going to perk up again and delay my being able to move it?

More decorating was on the agenda for next week but if the weather is going to be nice I will be sure to change my plans and head out into the garden and do some major digging and moving things about and empty out the compost bins onto the vegetable plot and cover it over all ready for winter.

The front garden is looking rather tired and really needs doing so that will also be done when this good weather arrives. I have this Lilac Budlia I think it is called that has sprouted up from nowhere and is taking up rather a lot of space so that will be cut down and moved to an area that is better to accommodate such a vast and vigorous growing specimen.  

Whilst in the town today picking up some more wool for a couple of orders I met my mum and dad and we wandered round a few shops, I was seduced by many lovely looking objects, none that I needed but just really liked the look of  so lots of ohhs and ahhhsss and I like this oh and this. I was very good and only purchased what I had actually gone in to town for such as the wool some toiletries and a toilet roll holder for the bathroom and a basket thing to put all the different shampoos and shower gels in.

I have given the bathroom a bit of a makeover (a job that was supposed to be done several weeks ago) Anyway I wanted something to put all the different bottles of lotions and potions in as there are six of us and also the girlfriends you can imagine there are lots and lots of different things. I did have a shelf thingy that had suction caps and stuck to the glass end panel of the shower. However these things always go rusty no matter what you pay for them. So I did not really want to buy another one of those and trying to get a plastic one was proving more difficult than I thought.

So in the end I opted for this plastic basket that will hold all the different bottles and can sit on the shelf in the bathroom and when you have a shower grab your bottles out of the basket and take them in the shower with you and when finished bring them back out and pop them back in the basket Simples!!! Now this you would think would be quite a simple thing to do but I can already hear the moans and groans as I always do when I have to give them all new instructions on how things are going to be done or if anything changes.

They are still trying to grasp the recent changes I have made, eck it's hard work sometimes even the simple things. Last nights dinner was 3 for and 3 against so it will not be going on the menu again. It seems that it is the orange flavour the boys don't like, however Myself and Jay quite like it so I might make it again and freeze some so it will last us for a few meals and do something else for the boys that night.

When I sat down to write this post almost two hours ago,  I had the biggest urge that I have had for a cigarette since I gave up. I have made dinner and had a tidy up in the kitchen and come back to finish of this post and the urge has past. I am however enjoying a glass of rose, well it is the start of the weekend. I hope you all have an enjoyable weekend what ever you may be doing.  Until next time x

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