Thursday, 18 October 2012

Bring on the Indian summer!

Well it has been announced on the news about the expected Indian summer. Apparently we are going to see temperatures of 21 degrees during the forthcoming week. I just hope they have got it right for once. I will be able to give the coop a jet wash before the winter sets in and remove any mites that may be lurking.

I wanted to finish the decorating today so this morning I put on the slow cooker, we are having Ham & Beans with orange from the Good food's 101 one-pot dishes. We had this several weeks ago and no one really liked it apart from me so I have made a few changes to it and see what the verdict is tonight. The house smells lovely and the bread maker is also busy whirring away.

I like this little recipe book, Jay picked it up one day whilst we were doing the weekly shop. We have tried several of the recipes and most have been well received. I have just flicked through it now and my tummy is groaning after looking at the mouth watering recipes.

We have another two weeks to run on our monthly menu before I make up a new one and there will be several new additions from this book.

I had to go and rescue Bell again as she had got trapped between the coop and the trellis fence. It is always her up to mischief! Whilst I was freeing her the run gate was still open so the others decided it was time to go for their forage around the garden. They are neither keen nor quick to return to the enclosed run and rounding them up and getting them back in is becoming more difficult. No longer does a shake and rattle of the corn tub induce any interest or speed from the girls.

I have found the garden broom a useful object in rounding up the girls and getting them to go where I want them. I just hold it behind them and they scuttle off in the correct direction and once I get them near to the run a rattle of the corn tub gets them in the rest of the way. Blimey the things I have to do!

Well that is it from me for today, until next time x I have put a link to the recipe book that I mentioned earlier

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