Friday, 26 October 2012

Plodding down the to do list...

Another week has zoomed by and the so called Indian summer has been and gone in a blink of the eye. I was quite disappointed as it was not the wall to wall sunshine that I was expecting we just had a slight rise in temperature and even some light rain. Which means that neither my pumpkins nor squashes are anywhere near ripening! I have removed them from the plants and they are sitting in the summerhouse at the moment but I will bring them indoors tomorrow and put on the windowsill in the bedroom as this gets the most sunlight.

I have been getting through the todo list, the kitchen has had a bit of a makeover, it has had a deep clean a lick of paint and a de-clutter! It's like a new kitchen, I have reorganised my cupboards and have even managed to get an empty shelf! As usual no one can find anything, but they never could before so nothing new there.

Mum and dad came over Tuesday and dad cut down the budliah bush that was over taking the driveway. Surprisingly Jay actually noticed that it had been removed. I'm sure he walks round with horse blinkers on! I have got to get out and sort out the flower beds as yet, hopefully that will be done on Sunday as will the finishing off in the vegetable plot. Fingers crossed the weather with stay fine for just a little bit longer.

The only thing left in the vegetable plot is the parsnips, the tops have flattened and are laying on the ground, there does appear to be some new growth. I shall just compost and cover around them even though they are slap bang in the middle of the plot.

I have been enjoying walking the dogs again this week, life is still quite hectic with the school run with Ben, there just does not seem enough hours in the day to get everything done. The woods look quite different now that the leaves have changed colour and have started to fall. There were lots of different fungus, it looks so colourful and intricate. I have taken several photos on my phone but I can't seem to load them onto the computer. I will however get Adam to sort it out for me and get them posted over the weekend.

The girls are still ravaging the garden when they come out and they are not quick at going back in either! Octavia was being very vocal yesterday in demanding to be let out and once out they went trooping off down the garden to forage amongst the fallen leaves and scattering the pebbles all over the path yet again.

Well that is it from me for today, I have yet another busy day ahead of me. I have a craft fair to prepare for tomorrow and I also need to do some baking. I hope you all have a great weekend, until next time x

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