Saturday, 27 October 2012

Bah humbug!

Well I tried and failed but I was not ready for giving up however I have been beaten to submission by no other than the mighty Jay! What are you talking about I hear you say well let me explain all...

Whilst I was busy trying to earn a very minimal crust selling my hand crafted wares Jay was getting very busy in my nice clean and organised kitchen. If you recall I mentioned that I had made some fudge for the hampers but it was still setting? well it never set

Jay came and picked me up from the craft fair and told me my fudge was still not set, I thought oh bugger I will have to try and make some more. Well I walked into the kitchen and there sitting on the island was a pile of delicious looking fudge and I did actually think for a second that it was infact my fudge set and Jay  had cut it into cubes and then I caught a glimpse of my sorry excuse for fudge sitting on the side.
Jay's Fudge!

I hate to say it but his fudge does taste rather nice infact it is down right bloody gorgeous! Why he decided to make fudge when he was supposed to be redoing the silicone in the bathroom is another matter. Here is a  glimpse of my Christmas hampers

Until next time x

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