Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Funky Fungus

It has been wet and miserable today, thankfully there was a break in the rain this afternoon so I took the dogs for a nice walk in the woods.

If you remember last week I mentioned that I had taken some photos of all the different fungus that is growing, well I took my camera today and took some photos on that as I can easily upload them to the laptop.

There were lots of different types yet I know the names of none, but I do love how these brighten up the dark dank floors of the woods.

Unfortunately there were better ones last week but lots of the fungus has now gone or been damaged. I did however manage to put my arm on a stinging nettle which stung like a pig and is still tingling now as you can imagine a few choice words were spoken!

I made some yummy pumpkin soup and will be attempting to make some pumpkin jam later with the pumpkins purchased from Tesco quite a bargain, two large pumpkins for £3.00! Mine is still looking rather green.

It will soon be time for the knocks to start at the door, I have a tub of sweets ready and waiting along with Ben and his broken foot and a rather scary mask, I just hope he does not frighten the kids too much.

I received an email earlier in the week from the marketing team at Aldi's the food stores. I had won a £50.00 shopping voucher in their prize draw. I was most pleased, it will come in handy for the extra food shopping for Christmas.

And finally it has been nine weeks since my last cigarette. I still get the urge to want one but I have managed to resist, I wish everyone who is trying to give up the best of luck keep going, it does get easier.

Well that is it from me for now, until next time x


  1. I'm fascinated by fungi, yet I don't know any names either. Well done on resisting the urge for a cigarette. It's two and a half years now since I stopped, but I still often get a craving, I don't think it ever really leaves you. Congratulations on winning the Aldi prize draw, it's good to hear of someone winning. A nice little boost to the Christmas fund. Hope Ben's leg is on the mend.

    1. Hi Jo, Thanks for your support it is much appreciated. I think it is amazing the way in which fungi grows and all the intricate parts of it.

      It has been much easier this time giving up the cigs and I think that is partly due to not using any replacements just going it alone.

      Hopefully the cast will be coming off on the 7th, but he still might need some physio. No rugby for this season.


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