Thursday, 1 November 2012

Winter Warmers

It is getting rather chilly and it is that time again when the slow cooker is in operation and the stew pot is bubbling away. Tonight we are having stew & dumplings a perfect winter warmer. This is being made with stewing steak that was reduced as it was on it's last day and lots of fresh vegetables and a cup of stew and soup mix, which consists of dried peas, beans and pulses which I have soaked for 24 hours. And a rich gravy and fluffy dumplings mmmmmm yummy! The cost of this meal which will easily feed us six and probably some left over was about £9.00

It is coming to the end of our monthly menu, I think it has worked out quite well. I will be doing a food stock check later to see what we have left and do a menu for another 4 weeks. Doing this has certainly saved us money on our food bill and when you have a large family every penny counts especially at this time of year when the cost of living increases due to fuel, heating and of course the arrival of the big red man.

We have been trying to make savings in certain areas of our lives which can be difficult with four teenage sons who by no stretch of the imagination has any idea of how much electricity, water or infact anything costs! But our water bill has gone down £10.00 a month since I have given time limits on their never ending showers. So my new rules and changes are working, even if they still forget sometimes and I have to holler up the stairs!

Jay bought me home a nice surprise yesterday, he was given by a customer a lovely display unit for free. It is now sitting in my dining room waiting to be cleaned and filled (another job on my todo list!) It looks great and adds nicely to the empty space we had. I will take a photo once it has been cleaned and filled. He also was given a beautiful decorative lamp which will look great in the lounge once it is done. The plasterer is booked so it will all be done and finished in time for Christmas, it's only taken us 9 years to do. It has had a lick of paint in that time but it has never been redone properly since we moved in as other things always got in the way.

Well that is it from me for today, I am off to enjoy my stew. Until next time x

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