Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Jobs done...

Well I said I would do it and I did! It had been a dull damp day but I still managed to work up a sweat as the day did seem to get warmer as it wore on.

As promised some photos

As you can see the overgrown and tatty flowerbeds, I feel a bit of a nit standing in the front garden taking photographs, the neighbours already think I am bonkers always taking photos of stuff about the garden. The plasterer gave me a odd look as if to say what are you doing.

There much better all nice and tidy except for our new garden feature, a pile of rubble.

A peek at the tatty side border, the shrubs and bushes are in the neighbours garden. I removed all the shrubs and trees that were on our side as they had been left for several years and were taking up half of the driveway. I think I am going to clear the area and plant a couple of small fruit trees and lay down some weed membrane and cover the ground with shingle to keep the weeds down and hopefully the area tidy.

Whilst walking the dogs earlier I noticed the lovely colour display from the trees, they said there would be wonderful autumnal colour this year.  I will take my camera with me tomorrow and take some photos to share with you.

I cleaned out the girls earlier whilst they enjoyed a pile of leftovers that were in the fridge.  The run is quite muddy again and as I sit here writing this I have just remembered I still have a bag of bark chips in the summerhouse which I can use to help dry out the ground a bit for them. It is too dark to do it now so I will try and get it done tomorrow, in between walking the dogs and the hairdresser appointment that I desperately need as I am looking rather much like an old scarecrow!

I still have a few jobs that also need doing in the back garden
1) clear out the greenhouse and give it a clean
2) General tidy up about the back garden
3) Sort out all the various pots and containers that are scattered around the garden
4) Empty out the grow bags on to one of the raised beds
5) Plant out the garlic

I will have to try and get these jobs done next week whilst waiting for paint to dry in the lounge. As I said earlier it's all go in our house!

Well that is it from me for today, I hope you have enjoyed the double posting today. I am now going to give the welsh dresser it's first coat of varnish and then I have some bits to finish of for the craft fairs at the weekend. Until next time x


  1. I always feel a huge sense of achievement when I get a job done which has been on the 'list' waiting. I've noticed a damp sort of atmosphere too, I'm just pleased that the rain's staying away at the moment.

  2. I love it when you see things marked off it feels like you are getting somewhere, even Jay commented on how well we are getting through the todo job list for around the house.

    We have had a few foggy nights and it just feels constantly damp.


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