Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Just popping by...

Hi everyone as usual another busy weekend and this week I am trying with the help of mum and dad to get this lounge finished. The garden jobs are still waiting on my todo list. As like most of the UK it has been quite wet and the run is once again water logged. The girls really need some wellies!

The sun is shining today and I am off to walk the dogs once I have finished this before getting back to decorating.

I had the postman knock on the door yesterday with a letter which had to be signed for and it was addressed to me, was it going to be a good or bad letter I wondered! Well if you remember a while back I mentioned that I had won £50.00 worth of shopping vouchers for Aldi's, that is what the letter was. Perfect timing to get some goodies in for Christmas.

For a chance to win shopping vouchers for Aldi's visit their website for details


Well that is it from me for today, this post has taken an hour to do due to internet problems and now it is raining!


  1. I think the luck's with you at the moment, don't forget to do the lottery. It would be nice to use some of the vouchers for some treats for Christmas.

    1. Hiya Jo, yes it certainly feels that was and I did win £10.00 on the lottery last Saturday too! I have been looking on the Aldi website to see what goodies I can get with my vouchers.


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