Monday, 26 November 2012

Robbie Williams at the 02

Ben with his signed programme
Some photos from our trip to the O2 arena on Saturday. 
slowly filling up

Robbie arrives centre stage

These are the best photos that I took, we were quite high up from the stage, we had a fantastic view of the whole arena. We didn't meet any celebrities much to Ben's disappointment but we had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed the show.  Jay drove us there and me and Ben went off to enjoy the concert whilst Jay and Adam went and had a meal and went to the cinema. 

The drive home was hard going as the weather was so awful, we got lost and saw the same round about several times and we got in the door about 2.30 am exhausted but happy.


  1. It looks fab. Glad you both had a good time.

    1. Hi Jo, It was an amazing show to see and I was very good and as promised I did not embarrass Ben, well I don't think I did.

      I kept both my knickers and bra on not like many others that ended up on the stage floor!


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