Wednesday, 14 November 2012

going going gone...

It's all happening here this week, the plasterer has almost finished, a lovely man but he can't half talk the hind legs off a donkey! The welsh dresser will be getting it's first protective coat applied later today and hopefully another coat tomorrow and then will be in it's new standing place on Friday.

But the best bit of news is that we have finally managed to sell the caravan that has been standing on the drive, we did advertise it last year but it was too big for all that came, and we have had a few viewings this year and this morning it was towed away. The garden looks so different now, lots of space. The only down side is that now the bit of garden that was hidden behind it is now on show and looks a right mess!

Well I did say I would be doing the front garden today come rain or shine. It's not raining or shining but now I have an even bigger job on my hands. I will just do what I was planning as mum and dad are back from their holiday next week. I'm sure dad will look forward to being outside in the damp miserable weather after being in Egypt for two weeks, te he he. I will save that task for him as I think we are in desperate need of a skip to remove all the rubbish that has started to accumulate from my clearing and sorting and also from the lounge being done, and there is quite a bit of rubbish and things that will need removing from the overgrown scruffy area.  If I wait for Jay to get round to doing a dump run the rubbish will still be here this time next year!

Right off to get cracking. I'll be back later with some photos!

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