Wednesday, 7 November 2012

feeling old...

Well I certainly know that I done some digging yesterday! Last night when I finally managed to shift me bum upstairs every step was torture. I should know better than to do too much, but as usual I don't do as I should. I have taken it easier today.

I made the pumpkin jam last night and also a batch of pumpkin soup. I had one and a half pumpkins and it made 10 jars of jam and 3 pints of soup. I had some of the jam on toast this morning oh it was rather yummy!

Ben now has his plaster cast off and the bones have healed well, he still has to use crutches for a couple of days as he eases his weight upon his foot, however no sport for 4 - 6 weeks!

I have been busy making some new items for my craft stall, I will take some photos when I have finished and post them next time.

Well just a short post today, until next time x

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