Monday, 5 November 2012

Catching up

Well that is another weekend over and done with. Saturday was a lovely fine day, however I was sitting behind my stall at a craft fair. I made a couple of sales and whilst there I managed to make another hat, and a pair of bed slippers.

Sunday was a very wet day so not a lot got done we had a bit of a lazy day. Me and Jay took the dogs for a walk over the local golf course as it had started to dry up and the sun was trying to peek through, but half way round the course the heavens decided to open up and it poured down so we had to make a mad dash back to the car.

We came home dried off and settled down to watch a dvd and enjoyed a bottle of bubbly with some yummy dips and nibbles, in my opinion a perfect day.

After spending over an hour sorting out the monthly menu and doing the monthly food shopping and wading through piles of washing I managed to get an hour or so out in the garden late this afternoon. I cleaned out the girls whilst they ran around the garden ferreting for grubs. I pulled up all the weeds that had emerged down the side entrance to the garden. As the girls were not ready to go back in the run I emptied out the pumpkin and squash plants from the raised bed.

The garden is looking rather untidy and the vegetable patch needs doing, if the weather is fine tomorrow I am making that my job of the day otherwise it will be pottering about doing housework. I felt good to be out in the garden earlier I do so miss gardening during these wet miserable winter months. The front garden is also in desperate need of a little TLC.

The pumpkins and squashes are now sitting on the windowsill upstairs there is a slight tinge of orange and yellow coming through, hopefully another couple of weeks and they will be ready to use.

I have also been busy sorting out and cleaning the display cabinet, it took several hours to clean and to get the glass and mirrors to shine and get rid of the smears, white vinegar with water was my cleaning product of choice and newspaper. I hope it is not going to need that much cleaning for a while. I waxed all the wood and gave it a good buffing with a soft cloth.  I have put a few things in it, but most of my nice bits and pieces are still packaged up in the loft since we moved in over nine years ago. I will get Jay to fetch them down when he goes up to get the Christmas decorations down, blimey it's creeping up!

We had homemeade meatloaf, vegetable chilli and rice for dinner tonight. I was a bit heavy handed with the chilli but it did warm us up on this cold night. The recipe for the meatloaf is on the recipe page along with many other great tasting economical dishes.

I hope you have enjoyed reading, until next time x

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