Tuesday, 6 November 2012

In need of a hot bath...

I finally managed to get in the garden today, it was cold and damp but great for digging. I let the girls wander around the garden whilst I was busy on the vegetable plot, Max was outside also to keep an eye on them.

Well I can well and truly say that I can feel the burn! My back, legs and shoulders are aching like mad, a nice long soak in the bath would be great right about now however as we only have a shower I will have to make do with a long hot shower instead and hopefully a back rub from Jay!

I dug over half of the plot and then emptied out the compost bin and spread it over the soil. I also dug up and moved the rhubarb. I could not believe how much the root had grown in just two years considering the size of it when I first planted it. I have placed it in the top corner of the veg plot out of the way of the girls.

Once I had spread the compost as evenly as I could I then covered the area with a weed suppressant membrane.

I then dug over the rest of the plot which had already had compost added earlier in a pile where the pumpkins were growing so I spread this about and then covered the area also. I was surprised at how much the soil improves each year. Every spadeful of soil was full of wiggly worms. When I first dug the area over to start growing vegetables I was lucky to see just a couple of worms.

I have left the parsnips uncovered in the middle there are only about eight but I thought I would leave them to see if they grow as I have never grown them before. There is not a lot of top so hopefully there will be some root.

The girls made a right mess about the garden, when I was trying to fill my trug tub with compost Dory was trying to get at the compost heap after the worms. A hard job made more difficult thanks to the girls.

You can't even see the path as the girls had been so busy tossing the stones and leaves all over the place!

After the digging I took the dogs for a walk, it was lovely as no one else was there just us, by the time we finished there was no where left to park so we timed it perfectly.

I am about to make a batch of pumpkin jam and then make a start on dinner, we have another bargain of Jay's, reduced pork chops which will be grilled and naughty but nice home fried chips and beans yum!

It is D day tomorrow, Ben will be finding out if he will be plaster free, we have to be at the hospital for 8 am so an early start. Hopefully all will be fine and dandy as I have had enough of the school run and fighting to park the car! Finally I would like to say a big well done to Lewis who passed his driving test last week (I forgot to mention opps) and also well done to Ben for getting a distinction in his oral Spanish. Well done both of you.

Well that is it for today, until next time x


  1. I don't know what I'd do without a bath! Congrats to Lewis and good luck to Ben for today.

  2. Thanks, with 4 lads we thought it would be easier having a large walk in shower but I do miss having a bath occasionally especially after a hard days digging!


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