Friday, 9 November 2012

Grumpy old woman...

I started my morning of with a couple of slices of toast smothered with my home made pumpkin jam and washed it down with a coffee.  After breakfast I headed of out to the local charity shop with a car boot full  of stuff that I had been busy sorting out the past few weeks. I was greeted  if I can call it a greeting by the most grumpiest miserable and ill mannered  woman I have had the pleasure of meeting in a charity shop ever.

Anyway I had been having a major sort out the past few weeks and I managed to sort out the last room yesterday so I thought I would pile it all in the car last night ready to drop off today. Whilst there I got this pile of buttons for the bargain price of £3.00

I am gradually getting through my todo list, I had a major sort out in the lounge and packed away the nik naks, dvd's, games and books which are now stored in the garage. The plasterer is arriving on Monday and we will be able to make a start on the decorating at the end of the week. I also sorted out what was my study but has become my dumping crafting in fact my very messy area, it is now much less cluttered and messy.

Tomorrow I am making a start on refurbishing the welsh dresser I purchased early on in the year but just never got round to doing it. I will take photos so you can see my progress from start to finish.

I Hope you all have a great weekend, until next time x

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