Thursday, 13 December 2012

Almost done...

I promised you some photos so here goes, it is not quite finished but I'll give you a taster of our progress

All ready for decorating

Meet Percy & Peggy the penguins!

Old bookcase been revamped was a yucky orange pine 

Remember these pillowcases? 

Now it's a bag!

curtain fabric was like this

Tadaaaaaaaaa lush!
So that is just a taster of all that has been going on. I did take photos of the bookcase before I started but I can't seem to find them anywhere on my laptop.

Hopefully by next Monday the lounge will be complete with window dressings and furniture! oh and maybe even the Christmas tree. Until next time x


  1. I love the color of the curtains, can't wait to see the finished room :)

  2. Thanks, I was pleased with how they turned out. I am using the fabric to make cushions and what ever else I can think of.


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