Friday, 7 December 2012

Nurse to Matilda

Thursday 6th December - Well what a day was had yesterday, Matilda has not been her usual self and was waddling about like a penguin and losing her balance. I concluded she was egg bound of had a problem in that area. Her bottom was down and she was making this sorrowful little sound.

I got myself organised as I could feel that this was not going to be plain sailing. I brought the big dog cage down from the summerhouse and set that up, lined it with newspaper and an old jumper to keep her warm and snug. 

I did not have anything that I could put some water in for her to have a warm bath and then I had a light bulb moment and remembered that mum had given me her foot spa! perfect for the job, I did not put the massage of bubbles on as it was far too noisy and would have probably scared her to death.

I set the footspa up and went out to fetch Matilda, she is normally a nightmare to catch, but I could get her quite easily mind you she did keep having a peck at me. I placed her in the footspa she did have a bit of a flap but I soon managed to hold her wings and and she sat down in the water. I kept her in there for about 20 minutes and she seemed quite content to sit in there. I have not been able to see or feel an egg but I am sure that this is the problem as she keeps straining. 

I kept her in the cage through the night I was not sure if she was going to make it until the morning, however when I cam e down she seemed quite content sitting on my old jumper in the warm. She has eaten and had a drink this morning, however her tail is still down and she is struggling to walk normally.

Friday 7th December - Matilda is still living in the study in the large cage and seems quite content and happy to become a resident house chicken! She ate and drank a bit yesterday and spent most of the day with her head tucked under her wing and slept. I came down this morning and she is walking about almost normally her tail is starting to go in an upward direction.

She has eaten some seed, broccoli and some other scraps and has been drinking, her eyes are bright her comb is still bright red and upright as it has always been. I am going to put her back with the others shortly before I go and help out Jay in the shop and then I'll check on her when I get back. Fingers crossed she will be fine and  is on the mend.

The lounge has come to a bit of a standstill, Jay is laying the floor at the weekend and then we just need the lights and window dressing sorted. I am so fed up of it all now that we will not be doing any more decorating until the new year.

I have been busy making new things for the weekend, I will post photos later when I have more time.

Must dash, have a great day, until next time x

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  1. Hope Matilda's ok. I'm sure she'll have enjoyed being pampered.


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