Monday, 10 December 2012

Moody Monday!

What a hopeless weekend it has been and today has not been too great either! I have a car that keeps dying on me. I spent all weekend at craft fairs both of which were a waste of my time and effort, the washing pile had taken over the bathroom as no washing had been done since Friday. I have been working all weekend and I was minding the shop on Friday and the mess was building up, it does not take long in our house for things to go awry.

I awoke this morning to a text message from orange telling me an answer phone message is about to be deleted and do I want to save it arghhhhhhh! No I don't so sod off. I knew I had lots to get through today and I still have lots to still get done.

Jay's cousin was coming over to do the lights so I had to walk the dogs and  get back before he came over. Max and Clyde were going nuts and desperate to go walkies. I was trying to get my wellies on and Clyde kept barging past me making me almost lose my balance grrr. We get in the car it starts and I am half in the road when the blooming things conks out yet again. I manage to get it going again after the third attempt it finally keeps going and we get to go on our walk.

The cars were parked bumper to bumper and I managed to perch on the end, which I hate doing as it means the dogs have to get in and out of the car on to the road and sometimes you get the idiots that go speeding past. As usual we did not see another person walking their dogs and yet there was no parking left, it always strikes me as odd that we rarely see another walker and yet lots of parked cars.

I was walking round deep in thought about how everything seems to go wrong or life just does not go the way I would like no matter how hard I try. It was like a black cloud was following me and Clyde had bolted off I was shouting for him to come back when I tripped and flew yes flew through the air and ended up sprawled across the ground. It bloody hurt, and as I type another part of me begins to ache. My eyes smarted as I got up and started to carry on walking (the only good thing is no one saw me do it!) Like my day could get any worse.

I got home and had a cup of coffee before venturing outside to clean out the girls. Matilda is still not right but she is eating and drinking and getting about slowly.

I have managed to finish of my last crochet order, I have had to wear wrist supports as my hands are really hurting. I think I may have over done it and will be having a break from any more crocheting for a while. I have three more craft fairs this weekend which will be the last until the spring. However I do have lots of new ideas swimming around in my head for what I want to do next year.

The lights have been done, thanks to Shaun and dinner is now in the oven. I am waiting on Jay to sort out the floor and we will be all done, just the finishing touches to be done and then we can get the Christmas tree out and get all Christmassy and festive rather than being a grumpy not so old woman!

And finally I would like to add that I have created a new facebook page and I shall be adding to and updating on a regular basis (hopefully!) If you would like to check out the page click on this link.

A glass of sherry for me and a coat of varnish for the updated bookcase! On second thoughts scrap that idea just knocked over said glass of sherry and smashed glass when on way out to put girls to bed, think I should join them! Until next time x

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