Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Cream Crackered!

Phew let there be light at the end of this tunnel! Sorry for a delayed posting life has been very hectic the past week. The lounge is coming along nicely we are I should say on the home straight, we just have the woodwork to gloss, this is being done today. The new lights and sockets need fitting, the floor needs doing and I need to sort out the window dressing. Hopefully this time next week it will be all finished as I have had enough of living in a mess now.

As you know I had three craft fairs over the weekend which all went quite well, I need to make some more bits to replace what was sold ready for this coming weekend where I have another three craft fairs. I am so looking forward to a few days in my Pj's sitting in front of the TV over Christmas and doing nothing!

I found a few bargains at the RSPCA craft fair on Saturday, I was next to the cake stall which after about half an hour started to turn into a bric a brac stall after the cakes were sold. I bought some great fabric in the form of eleven pillowcases all for £1.00! I have plans for those so watch this space.
My bargain pillow cases all washed and waiting!

 I also bought a cake, some shortbread, bread and butter pudding and a jar of lemon curd all home made for £3.40 a great bargain and I also bought a pretty little bone china sugar bowl for 50 pence to go on my welsh dresser that I painted.
Still plenty of space to fill, charity shop rummages on my agenda!

We have been waking up to a frost most mornings and I have wrapped fleece around the girls water container and added a bucket on top to stop it from freezing. I still have not managed to get out there and finish off the last few jobs yet, just keeping up with cleaning out the girls and cleaning up after the dogs. Hopefully next week I will have some time.

I finally remembered to take my camera to one of the craft fairs but only managed the one photo because as usual the blooming battery was running out.

not the best photo but it gives you the idea
Well that is it from me for today must toddle off and get on with my jobs, have a good day. Until next time x


  1. It's nice to see what your stall looks like, good luck with the forthcoming fairs. You'll have lots of fun looking in the charity shops for treatures to fill your dresser.

    1. Hi Jo and thanks, You can find some lovely pieces in the charity shops. I'm not after any great antiques but if I like the look of something I am like a magpie!


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