Sunday, 23 December 2012

Running out of time and energy...

Lets get baking

It has been a hectic few days, I have done most of the baking yesterday, the lounge is not quite finished or set out how I want it but it will have to do until after the festive period and we don't have such a full house everyday.

We went and collected the bird in a bird early this morning and then headed over to do the big Christmas shop. £300 later we had all the bits for Christmas and all the store cupboards are full and we have dog food, chicken food and will not have to go food shopping for at least three weeks. So it can snow, rain or whatever it wants as I have no need to go anywhere except to walk the dogs.

I spent all day yesterday in the kitchen, I made an assortment of different biscuits, spiced, shortbread, ginger shortbread, choc chip shortbread and plain shortbread. I made a ginger cake, fruit cake and the boys favourite chocolate cake. I also made some rocky road and Jay made some sausage rolls and is now in the middle of making more sausage rolls and some cheese straws.

Our biscuit box
Mum & Dad's Home-made Christmas hamper

Dad took home their Christmas hamper today, I wrapped it in cellophane and added a big red bow, I must admit it did look quite impressive. I added the chocolate as my dad does love his choccy.

I am trying to catch up with the washing and it has been so wet and damp that it is all having to be hung indoor and finished off in the tumble, as it takes longer as there is not much space, it does not take long to build up, and I am constantly getting 'where are my clean boxers, socks!'

Tomorrow will be spent cleaning the house and probably more washing and then finishing off the evening with the vegetable preparations whilst watching a good Christmas film on the TV and slurping on something alcoholic.

With all the rain the girls run was one big massive smelly swamp and they have all decided to malt and they really do look a raggedy bunch apart from Octavia as she malted earlier. I cleaned out the coop whilst they roamed about the garden, again they were enjoying the soil and making a right mess scattering the soil far and wide. Matilda seems back to her normal self and I think she is laying again as there were four eggs in the nest box earlier.

Well that is it from me today, I need to strip the beds and put clean bedlinen on them. Finally I would like to say a big hello to my new follower. Until next time x


  1. I hope you've got everything done, it's time to sit back and relax now. Have a very merry Christmas. I hope you have a wonderful time together with your lovely family over the festive period.

    1. Thanks Jo, everything is done and as you say just enjoy it now. Wishing you and yours a wonderful time x


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