Saturday, 8 December 2012

Quick update on Matilda

I went out this morning with trepidation not knowing what to expect, it was bloody freezing! I opened up the door of the coop and out came Bell, Dory and Octavia all trying to get through the door at once, it was a bit like the Christmas sales!

I was about to lift up the roof and there she was little Matilda, she poked her head out and with some coaxing she came down the ladder. She has had some food and a drink and promptly went straight back up to the coop back in to the warmth.

I am off to a outdoor craft fair and as I said it is freezing cold, I have on lots of layers to hopefully keep me warm. The craft fair is at Charles Mannings Amusement Park behind the big white fountain at Felixstowe. I shall be there with many others hoping to have a busy day. The fair is on from 10 am til 3 pm.

Catch up with you all later, bye for now x

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  1. Sounds like Matilda needs a hot breakfast to get her going. How about warm porrige with catfood and cod liver oil...mmm lovely! Well, if you are a chicken that is. Personally I'd rather have toast and Jam!


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